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Need a fully featured, freemium app builder for you and your team to digitize workflows? Collaborate with unlimited users and creators at zero upfront cost. Get a FREE database now and we’ll empower your business with all the essential tools to design, develop and deploy simple database-driven apps and services right out of the box.

Caspio's free online database platform allows you to create database-driven apps in a fraction of the time versus traditional coding. Build searchable databases, interactive reports, dynamic charts, responsive web forms and much more — all without writing a single line of code. Just point, click and publish. It's that easy!



Build online database software using point-and-click tools



Includes a scalable database so you can always view real-time data



Best-in-class technology stack ensures performance and security



Publish your databases on any website, intranet, portal or CMS

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Your FREE Caspio account provides all the essential features you need to build and deploy a simple web-based application with sophisticated database capabilities. Simply sign up, import your data, and publish your first database in minutes.

Free online database
Unlimited app users
Unlimited app creators
Unlimited data transfer
Embed apps on any website
Custom app styling
Global app localization
Free live training
10 DataPages (forms, reports, etc.)
Up to 1,000 records
Up to 500 MB of file storage
100 email notifications per month

The No-Code Online Database Builder

Traditional software development requires skilled IT staff, lengthy requirements gathering and manual hand-coding. Databases and applications built with code are also difficult to learn, deploy and maintain, making them time, cost and resource intensive.

On the other hand, a no-code database maker empowers business professionals to participate in rapid iterative development, even if they have no technical experience.

With Caspio’s easy database creator, you can build powerful cloud applications and databases 20x faster than traditional software development using ready-made app templates and point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.

Caspio offers the best free database with an intuitive no-code platform for building data-driven applications that are easy to modify and scale. Get results faster, without having to write code or manage a server.

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Caspio provides an intuitive visual interface that guides you through every step of creating custom web database apps quickly and easily. Best of all, the software service is highly scalable, secure and entirely free!

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What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, Caspio has been simplifying data management for tens of thousands of businesses around the world. See for yourself why Caspio has 5-star ratings on G2, Capterra and Gartner.

If you want to publish videos online, you use YouTube. If you want to publish databases online, you use Caspio.
Joe Conway
Director of Print and Electronic Media
Houston Community College
With Caspio, our productivity shot through the roof. We kept crushing our development timelines!
Michael Gray
CEO & Owner
Gray Project Solutions
Caspio lets us respond quickly to competitive challenges, scale endlessly and sleep easy!
Mike Morton
CIO and VP of e-Media
Diversified Business Comm. Canada

Your Free Online Database Questions Answered

What is the best free database for beginners?

Caspio offers the best free database for beginners looking to build powerful web applications without the complexities of programming. In fact, our online database consistently earns 5-star ratings from users across platforms like G2, Capterra and Gartner. Expect Caspio to provide all the training and resources a novice user needs to create tables, build simple apps and publish them online.

How can I create an online database for free?

First, sign up for a free Caspio account. The platform will then prompt you to either import existing data or build new tables from scratch. Caspio’s intuitive visual interface will guide you in configuring fields, data types, table relationships and automated triggers until you’re ready to build apps on top of your database.

Can I build custom databases with my free account?

Yes, Caspio provides all the necessary tools to add and customize records, fields, database-level calculations and table relationships, all for free.

Can I import my data into my free Caspio account?

Yes, you can easily import your data into your free account. Caspio’s point-and-click tools guide you through the process of importing data from Excel, CSV, text and Access files in just a few steps.

What is a DataPage?

A Caspio DataPage is a web interface that allows you to view, edit, manage and password-protect data stored in your online database. DataPages allow you to easily interact with your data on a web page, while securely hosting your database in the cloud.

How many DataPages can I build?

You can build up to 50 DataPages in your free account. However, only 10 DataPages can be deployed at any time.

Where can I deploy my online database with a free account?

Caspio allows you to publish online databases on any website, intranet or portal. We even support popular site builders or CMS like Weebly, Squarespace and WordPress. Publish up to 10 web interfaces or DataPages at a time by embedding our autogenerated deploy code or sharing a direct URL.

How many users can access my database with a free account?

Your free Caspio account supports unlimited app creators and unlimited app users. Promote collaboration and data sharing by inviting multiple teams to work on cross-functional apps for your entire organization, absolutely free.

How much storage space does my free account have?

Aside from a limit of 1,000 records for your online database, you get to enjoy up to 500MB of file storage with the free Caspio account.

What are the limitations of a free Caspio account?

A free account is enough for survey forms, sales reports and other simple applications with up to 50 DataPages. However, if you’re building apps with more advanced features and customization options, check out our pricing page to see which plan best fits your needs.

How long does my free account last?

Your free account never expires as long as you continue to use it. However, if you want to experience database triggers, scheduled tasks and other advanced features, we recommend you sign up for a 14-day free trial. You can choose to convert your trial to a free account at the end of the trial period.

What's the difference between a free account and free trial?

A free trial lets you try a full-featured version of Caspio for 14 days, whereas a free account is limited in features and resources, but never expires. If you’re not sure which is right for you, start with a free trial because you can always convert it to a free account at the end of the evaluation period.

Can I get training even though I have a free account?

Yes! Simply sign up to reserve a seat in our instructor-led training sessions hosted multiple times a week. Feel free to attend as often as you want and ask all your questions.

Can I talk to someone about my project?

By all means! We encourage you to book a free project consultation with one of our platform specialists. Our experts are always here to help.

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